April 20, 2013- Buckeye State Feis



Hope For Boston - Please Read

Thank you for everyone's support of Jane and her family.


Even the local news got involved to support the idea!


Here is news article and broadcast from 10TV, the local CBS channel.


The Irish Dance Community is in shock over the news that one of its cherished students, seven-year-old Jane Richard of Dorchester, lost a leg in the terror attack at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon. The Richard family is beloved in their heavily Irish Dorchester hometown, and Jane has been an enthusiastic student at the Clifden Academy of Irish Dance in Milton since she turned three. Jane Richard's brother Martin, eight, was killed in the explosions, and her mother Denise suffered a serious brain injury. Her father Bill Richard and eldest brother Henry, 12, were unharmed.


In light of this tragedy, all proceeds from our popular lunchtime Treble Reel Special will be donated to the Richard Family. There are over 80 dancers registered for this competition which allows the dancers to dance in costume and choreograph their own steps. In addition, throughout the day, we will be collecting money to donate to the Richard Family. We will also be observing a moment of silence at the beginning of the Buckeye State Feis, for Jane and her family, as well as for all of the people effected by the senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon.


Please help them during this very difficult time. All of the members of the Buckeye State Feis, the Central Ohio Irish Club and the Millennium Academy of Irish Dance send our thoughts and prayers to the Richard family as well as those injured and killed during the bombing.


The best way to reach out to the family is through Saint Ann's Parish. The priest and faculty have been in contact with the family and Jane, the 7 year old Irish dancer who lost her leg, and her family would appreciate it when the time is appropriate. If you want to send cards here is the parish's address:
Saint Ann Parish Neponset
243 Neponset Avenue
Dorchester, Mass. 02122
Phone: 617-825-6180